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 How to apply to Eudoxia?

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PostSubject: How to apply to Eudoxia?   Sun May 25, 2008 8:36 pm

Eudoxia welcome all members who are level 70 and want to commit themselves to PVP. If you would like to apply and take part in Eudoxia style pvp then feel free to apply. All classes are welcome, so feel free to apply and take part in the friendly atomsphere Smile

Just follow the application format and we will get back to you as soon as possible, good luck with your application.

Character Name:

Character Class and level:

PVP Spec:

LInk to the armoury:

Your PVP Experience (arena team ratings etc):

What Battleground's you like to take part in:

How much PVP do you take part in per week:

Would you be able to take part in at least one or two premades a week:

Personal info: (age, and abit about yourself):

Why you wish to join and what you expect:

thanks and good luck with your application. Whisper cronik online if you have any further questions!
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How to apply to Eudoxia?
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